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“John used to go on and on about George. About what a nice boy he was and how I’d like him. He went to great lengths to impress me with George. ‘Give you anything, George’, he’d say.” - Aunt Mimi

“John treated George with a mixture of fondness and disdain he might show a younger brother.” - Cynthia Lennon

"After Stuart’s sad death in Hamburg, it was George who worried most about the impact on John’s emotional well-being. When John and George made that visit to the apartment that Stuart shared with Astrid, the young photographer remembers, George displayed a sense of almost brotherly love." - Larry Kane

"John was broken-hearted because he’d suffered another loss. But George is standing behind him, with a look of ‘I’ll look after you’, with a very grown-up strength in his face." - Astrid Kirchherr

“John could be a bastard, but when it came to George Harrison, nothing was ever enough. When George came into the office [Apple], John would stop whatever he was doing to spend time with him. I think he viewed him as a younger brother.” - Linda Reig (Apple Employee) 

"George was very, very heavily influenced by John, all of John’s thinking and the way John did things in the world, and the way he handled his Beatledom, you know. I think that George was very affected by that." - Jim Keltner

“John always worried about George. He was constantly on the phone to him.” - May Pang 

“When we were alone John told me, ‘I saw George goin’ through pain and I know what pain is about. So I let him do it. I’ll go out and help him or whatever it is he wants me to do.’” - May Pang

"We watched [George’s concert] from the side of the stage, my favorite place of all because you can see the musicians and the audience all at once. John smiled and tapped his foot the whole time, like a proud older sibling watching his kid brother score a touchdown." - Chris O’Dell 

"[George] looked up to John so much. He said, ‘Oh, John would be a Wilbury in a second.’" - Tom Petty

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